About Rastegar Property Company

We live and breathe what we do.

At Rastegar Property Company, we believe in the power of real estate to create wealth. We take that belief and apply it with discipline, doing only what we know best.

Ari Rastegar, Our founder

Ari Rastegar believed there was room in the opaque private equity world for a real estate firm that puts investors first. Instead of making money from investors, why not make money with investors? His founding belief inspires everything we do.

Ari is a frequent contributor to popular publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBS, and International Business Times.

About The Firm

Headquartered in

Austin, Texas

Portfolio experience in

13 States, 38 Cities, and Over 3.5 Million Square Feet

of real estate development across the U.S. – and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

“At Rastegar, we work hard for our money, and we know you do too. That’s why we prioritize wealth preservation. Instead of swinging for the fences with risk, we focus on sticking with recession-resilient asset classes that can perform in good and bad economies.”

– Ari Rastegar

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