A vertically-integrated real estate company that believes in putting investors first

Ari Rastegar, our founder, believed there was room in the opaque private equity world for a real estate firm that puts investors first. Instead of making money from investors, why not make money with investors? His founding belief inspires everything we do.

What does that Investors First philosophy look like?

  • We believe that investors should get paid first, before the managers
  • Independent third party administrators are employed to manage project funds for the benefit of investors
  • Transparent, frequent reporting and communication keep investors up to date

About Rastegar Property Company

Headquartered in

Austin, Texas

Properties in

12 states and 34 US cities

as of Aug. 2019
Over 4.9 Million sq.ft.

of real estate in development

At Rastegar, we work hard for our money, and we know you do too. That’s why we prioritize wealth preservation. Instead of swinging for the fences with risk, we focus on sticking with recession-resilient asset classes that can perform in good and bad economies.
— Ari Rastegar,Founder

At Rastegar Property Company, we’re in the business of providing stable income to build sustainable wealth. How do we do that in a cyclical industry like real estate?

Instead of simply reacting to market conditions, we take a different approach. We seek out opportunities that are more recession resilient (such as self-storage, multifamily housing and discount retail). That approach helps us avoid some of the severe cyclical tendencies of real estate and helps deliver passive income and capital appreciation more consistently. We also take advantage of tax opportunities to increase project return without increasing risk.

In our current world full of risk, we believe that’s a more intelligent way to build wealth that lasts.

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