Ari Rastegar


Rastegar’s founder, Ari is known both for his expertise in real estate and for his contrarian investment strategies. He is considered a leader of the next generation of real estate managers. Starting his first real estate investment firm in 2006 while still in law school, Ari has built a portfolio network designed to reduce risk and provide strong quarterly cash flows, with an emphasis on asset classes such as self-storage, multifamily, office, retail, and industrial. Ari specializes in recession-resilient strategies and commercial real estate investments. He brings a highly focused approach to real estate investing, building portfolios designed to reduce risk and provide strong quarterly cash flows. Ari is also an industry thought leader and frequent speaker profiled by publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBS, International Business Times, and others.

Ari completed his undergrad work at Texas A&M and received his JD from St. Mary’s University Law School in 2009.

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