Kellie Rastegar

Co-founder & Creative Director


Kellie’s diverse experience, seasoned skills, and vast network paved her path to success as Co-founder & Creative Director of Rastegar Property Company. Specializing in luxury, residential, commercial, and new development of real estate in New York City. Kellie’s passions include philanthropy & contribution as well as the arts & design. Her background in customer service, communications & hospitality helps Rastegar deliver top services to clients, ensuring every detail runs smoothly, every time. 

Kellie started out in private aviation, catching the attention of high profile & high net worth clients. She later worked in commercial and residential real estate in New York. Her top priority is making sure her clients feel they have been well taken care of. Over & over, she has proven her ability demonstrating an unflinching determination to get a job well done, & get a deal closed.

Today, she makes sure Rastegar acquires high profile projects and oversees the creative vision process; making sure that the firm maintains and continues to manifest that creative vision on brand and throughout various projects.

With unflagging optimism, Kellie has been recognized for her cultural leadership and for bringing kindness and compassion to the Austin real estate industry. A member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, Kellie is a frequent contributor to Forbes and has also been featured in several living and fashion magazines.


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