US Cities Building the Most Homes

It is no surprise that three of these top 10 cities happen to be in Texas. It is common to see Dallas and Houston on these lists, but as of late there’s a city that’s been following close behind.

Can you guess which city we’re referring to? Yep, you’re right…Austin is making a name for itself. The Austin/Round Rock area had a job growth of 2.5% this February and a total population growth of 2.68% in 2017.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2017, Austin was the 11thlargest city in the country, housing 950,715 residents. And, as of January 1, 2019, that number has increased by 30,320.

Housing sales have increased from 15,338 to 34,464 in only a decade. This might be attributed to several factors, but one we are particularly proud of is business migration. The fact that a number of major technology companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have moved to Austin has garnered the city a significantly amount of attention.

So, why have so many businesses relocated to this electric and vigorous city? Well, the lower cost of living, amiable business environment and incomparable tax rates have made Texas – and specifically Austin — a very attractive and suitable area to set up shop.

With statistics like these, you need to give credit where credit is due. Come to Austin and you see what all the buzz is about. Be careful though, you may not want to leave!

Downtown Austin Skyline, Photo by Carlos Delgado

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