Why Rastegar

We live and breathe what we do.

The core of our business strategy is to understand and execute the evolving needs of communities. We use the most cutting edge data and technology to enhance the experience of our consumers, while also wrapping our projects around the realities of new social experiences. We use data analytics to enhance experiences of today, and into the future.

At Rastegar, we build the future – now.

Our company’s team of committed professionals embrace the following core values:


Transparent & Fair: In a deliberately opaque industry, we want to disrupt the status quo and open the lines of communication and information sharing between our firm and our investors.


Respect: We care about the communities we work with, and understand the value of respecting the past while also creating new things for the future.


Courage: Our team welcomes the evolving changes of the world and integrates these changes into our projects and business practices.


Creativity: Each team member comes with a diverse background and skill set, which collectively allows our company to think creatively, collaborate, and problem-solve together.


Kaizen (Continuous Improvement): Our team follows this Japanese philosophy and made a vow to always find ways to be better at what we do.


Relationships: We develop deep, personal connections with everyone we work with.

Why Us?

Strict Investment Selection Criteria

We’re currently developing office, industrial, retail and multi-family properties throughout the U.S. We thoughtfully research the authentic elements of new markets and collaborate with city officials, citizens, and other key decision makers to incorporate the local desires into our developments.

Disruptive Technology: TransFairancy®

Our proprietary technology provides access to portfolios and upcoming opportunities while allowing users to easily connect with our team for more information.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Numbers don’t lie. Our research team uses the latest and most accurate data sources and technology to better understand opportunities, manage risk and control costs. We follow the data to find those unique, recession-resilient investment opportunities and will share our findings through corporate white papers and newsletters.

A Full Course Meal

Rastegar has an in-house hospitality team that plans, coordinates, and executes our food & beverage (F&B) strategy across our various properties. Rastegar also generates in-house hospitality technology solution reporting for our portfolio. This includes:

  • CRM Software
  • AI Marketing (Live Engagement)
  • Full integration of customer service operations and back-office operations, including: point-of-sale, reservations, online ordering, sustainable deliveries, inventory, digital entertainment, and more.

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