Why Rastegar

Focused on creating recession-resilient, tax-efficient returns.
It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.

With the advent of negative interest rates and increased stock market volatility, that message is more important than ever.
At Rastegar Property Company, we believe in the power of real estate to create wealth. And we take that belief and apply it with discipline, doing only what we know best.

Why Rastegar Property Company?

We're specialists, not generalists. By focusing on specific strategies we know well, we can reduce risk and generate more consistent results.

Specializing in Recession-Resilient Asset Classes

To keep more of what you make, you need risk control. That requires discipline: the discipline to stick to what you know, and the discipline to manage every aspect of a project carefully.

But one thing that real estate developers and investors can't control is the economic cycle. Events like the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 can appear that change the playing field almost overnight. That's why at Rastegar, we specialize in recession resilient asset classes.

These property types, including multifamily housing, self-storage, and discount retail historically perform well during recessions, as well as expansions. This edge helps us create steady, stable returns.

Focused on Tax-Efficient Returns

It’s not good enough to create profits when you’re subject to high income taxes. Your bottom line is what matters most. Fortunately, today’s tax laws can provide a distinct advantage for real estate investors:

  • Opportunity Zones can provide a means to defer and potentially reduce your existing capital gains, as well as potentially earn additional tax-free gains
  • Existing tax laws have long favored real estate (depreciation expense)
  • Recent tax law changes have added other methods to harness tax savings in your real estate investments

Putting Investors First

At Rastegar, we believe in putting investors first. That philosophy inspires everything we do:

  • Preferential payments to ensure that investors are paid first
  • Providing clear, transparent reporting
  • Using independent third party administrators to help ensure efficient use of funds, and allow our team to focus on what we do best

By putting investors first, everyone profits.

Disciplined Process

At Rastegar, we believe in the power of a disciplined process to maximize results and control risk. Up front, that means significant time is invested in analyzing all facets that may impact our projects:

  • Macroeconomic and systemic risk
  • Trends in global and domestic capital flows
  • Market barriers to entry
  • Macro and micro supply and demand dynamics
  • Competitive advantage and sustainability

Once the project is underway, we constantly strive for better cost controls, to help protect profits.

We also employ advanced technology to help us streamline efforts and increase efficiency.

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